Qoutes about Alone

“It is strange to be known so universally and yet to be so lonely.”
Albert Einstein.

“It’s better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone – so far.”
Marilyn Monroe

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
Helen Keller

“Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.”
George Washington

“I have to be alone very often. I’d be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That’s how I refuel.”
Audrey Hepburn.

“I don’t want to be alone, I want to be left alone.”
Audrey Hepburn

“I restore myself when I’m alone.”
Marilyn Monroe.

“Life could be wonderful if people would leave you alone.”
Charlie Chaplin.

“A man is born alone and dies alone; and he experiences the good and bad consequences of his karma alone; and he goes alone to hell or the Supreme abode.”

“The time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself.”
Douglas Coupland

“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.”
Wayne Dyer

“The strongest man in the world is he who stands most alone.”
Henrik Ibsen

“Loneliness is my least favorite thing about life. The thing that I’m most worried about is just being alone without anybody to care for or someone who will care for me.”
Anne Hathaway

“When the people you love are gone, you’re alone.”
Keanu Reeves

“I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.”
Henry David Thoreau.

“All of our unhappiness comes from our inability to be alone.”
Jean de la Bruyere.

“Every man must do two things alone; he must do his own believing and his own dying.”
Martin Luther king.

“When everything is lonely I can be my best friend.”
Conor Oberst

“Yes, I guess you could say I am a loner, but I feel more lonely in a crowed room with boring people than I feel on my own.”
Henry Rollins

“A human being is a single being. Unique and unrepeatable.”
Eileen Caddy

“A man can be himself only so long as he is alone.”
Arthur Schopenhauer

“You only grow when you are alone.”
Paul Newman

“I only go out to get me a fresh appetite for being alone.”
Lord Byron

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.”
Helen Keller

“The lonely become either thoughtful or empty.”
Mason Cooley

“The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“If I am a legend, then why am I so lonely ”
Judy Garland

“Man, alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; man, alone, can dream and make his dreams come true.”
Napoleon Hill

“Living alone makes it harder to find someone to blame.”
Mason Cooley

“Jealousy is no more than feeling alone against smiling enemies.”
Elizabeth Bowen

“Being alone is very difficult.”
Yoko Ono

“Man alone is born crying, lives complaining, and dies disappointed.”
Samuel Johnson

“The capacity for not feeling lonely can carry a very real price, that of feeling nothing at all.”
Douglas Coupland

“He travels the fastest who travels alone.”
Rudyard Kipling

“As I get older I’m more and more comfortable being alone.”
Sienna Miller

“The most boring scenes are the scenes where a character is alone.”
Chuck Palahniuk

“I have so many different personalities in me and I still feel lonely.”
Tori Amos

“When I decided to be a singer, my mother warned me I’d be alone a lot. Basically we all are. Loneliness comes with life.”
Whitney Houston

“If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone.”
Maxwell Maltz

“We learn about life not from plusses alone, but from minuses as well.”
Anton Chekhov